Instant Orthodontics in Idaho Falls, ID

In situations where patients have misaligned teeth, our dentists will review orthodontic options. We will discuss the option of working with a local orthodontist and the option of Instant Orthodontics.

Discovering Instant Orthodontics
Instant Orthodontics is a treatment method designed to treat misaligned teeth in a two-week process. During the initial exam, the patient’s teeth are examined and a plan is developed to improve the patients smile with ceramics including crowns and veneers.

Advantages of Instant Orthodontics
– Faster way to improve smile (two weeks)
– Improves bite
– Able to fix broken or worn teeth
– Fixes rotations, crowding, and appearance

Bird Dental Studio will support and accommodate the patient’s desire to either work with an orthodontist or pursue the more aggressive treatment of Instant Orthodontics.